1. Hanna Marin in “To Kill a Mocking Girl”

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    Emily’s still bitter about the finale

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    4x21 | 5x12 requested by anonymous

    aria gets a crying scene but emily just gets shut down

    because Emily’s friends should shut her down when she starts to hurt herself mentally and emotionally over someone that didn’t love her. Aria says the right thing here. If they let Emily stand in silence with the thought that Alison never loved her personally, then she would have tortured herself because um, Emily was in love with Alison. Aria wasn’t in love with Alison, neither was Hanna or Spencer but yet they thought they were loved by Alison at points too, and they loved her as well. Not in love, not physically but, did they love Alison? yeah, they did. Friendships work a lot of ways but usually you love your friend and they love you, that’s the point isn’t it. Aria should tell Emily the truth; which is that Alison is a selfish manipulative person that never loved any of them. Why should Emily have to blame herself for something that was universally happening to everyone? If that’s how you want to have friendships and relationships, then sure, go ahead. If you want Emily to wallow in self pity and continue to feel hurt by this one girl in this one relationship then go right ahead. Aria literally tells Emily, in an unconventional and nonliteral way, that Emily is not alone with that thought. I would want my friend to do the same. 

    Aria gets a crying scene, nobody interjects, because she was in a long term, do or die, very intense emotional relationship with Ezra. She was experiencing some insane level of heartbreak and betrayal from someone she was madly in love with. Do you want Spencer and Emily and Hanna to interrupt her obvious and deserving heartbreak with something they clearly didn’t go through or understand? They wouldn’t have a valuable thing to say, Ezra wasn’t involved with all of them. Her friends should keep silent in that moment unless they say encouraging small things, which, if you watch the show, they did. 

    Come on now. Get your head out of your asses PLL fandom. 

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    RIP Mona Vanderwaal

    ”Game over Alison. I win”

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  6. You weren’t there, Em!

                     W h e n ?  When wasn’t I there?

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    So, to recap the world of Pretty Little Liars, things that exist:

    • Ghosts/The Supernatural/Minions of the Grunwald
    • Omniscient cyberbully ghostninjas
    • Laws against burying shovels

    Things that DON’T exist:

    • the 24 hour news cycle/a media climate that loves a good sensational story.
    • moral outrage over teachers dating their students
    • perjury laws

    To quote that Ouija board “GOODBYE”

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  8. pretty little liars meme[2/5] liars
    ↳ Aria Montgomery
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  9. The past several years haven’t been easy for any of us. What makes it okay is that we stick t o g e t h e r.

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